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SEO Math
Conversions - SEO = Nothing
SEO - Conversions = Traffic
SEO + Conversions = Profits

We create more profits for your business implementing Portland SEO, PPC and Conversions.

We are in the Internet and Information era. If you own a business, the question you want to be asking yourself is not if you should be implementing PPC, conversions or SEO for your Portland business, but rather ‘when should I start’?

My name is Jesús Meca and I am the founder of Meca Marketing. In my Internet Marketing business we focus on two single things:

Getting your business more customers and growing your revenue.

I focus on that instead of getting you “rankings” or “traffic”.

Since 2011 this has been the main purpose of my agency. Helping businesses like yours to grow, thanks to the power of the Internet. If you focus on “rankings” or “traffic” (like most of the SEO and SEM companies out there do) you are starting with the wrong approach and it will eventually work against your company.


Don’t get me wrong, rankings and traffic are great.

But ranking number one for keywords that nobody is searching for, or getting a lot of un-targeted traffic that doesn’t convert into money is like trying to get fit eating hamburgers and sitting on your sofa – nothing against a good TV show and a nice burger though :-).

You’ve probably heard it before: “We promise to rank you number one on Google”, “We will bring a lot of traffic to your website”. The typical hyped marketing messages that SEO companies and SEM “professionals” use to try to hook you.

If you get hooked by this type of company, the norm is that two of the following things may happen:

  • You get a lot of traffic coming from Countries not related to yours, and from people not interested in your product or services.
  • You get number one rankings for keywords nobody is looking for.

This means that if you are looking for a serious expert Portland SEO company, you are on the right place, and if you are looking to grow your business, you can fill our discovery form and get the founder of Meca Marketing call you for a consultation.

This also happens with PPC (Pay Per Click), better known as Google Ads or Adwords.

You might get messages from agencies telling you that they can decrease your ad spent if you have a campaign running. Or that they can send traffic to your website in no time while spending pennies.

Well, usually, this is not what happens either.

I personally know agencies that assign one single person for every 50 Adwords accounts. If your account is the number 15 or above to be managed that day, you won’t get any attention.

And this means that your campaign won’t improve. Therefore your business gets stuck.

SEO PPC workshopAt Meca Marketing we have proprietary software that allows us to do an initial PPC account analysis WITHOUT needing your Adwords account logging information. You can go here and ask for a Google AdWords analysis.

And all this may sound nice and you may be thinking to give us a try because we ponder quality vs. quantity.

All this sounds great, right? Maybe too good….what’s the catch?

Well, there is one catch…

We only want to work with serious business that want to grow and expand their businesses.

Sometimes we say “no” to some businesses.

We ponder quality vs. quantity.

And, this is not the starting point for maximum revenue.

We always start from the CONVERSION perspective.

If your website converts good, then when we send the right traffic for the right keywords, you get the best results.

Increase conversions


Ignore this and you will experience the pain that most business do; a website that receives some quality traffic, but no clients knocking on your door or calling you to buy your products or hire your services.

Not all the SEO and SEM agencies focus on conversion… and this is the most important point of all.

Our business is located in Corvallis, Oregon where we started doing web design. Later on we focused on providing SEO services in Portland. And from there we dived into PPC mastery. We have evolved through time and we keep growing and improving what we do.

Currently we work with different businesses around the World; in the US, Canada, Mexico, UK, Spain, Russia, Australia and growing… (yes we Speak Español).

The best way to start is filling the discovery form. You can also contact us by calling at 503 451 3904 and I will personally answer your call.

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